Here are a few commonly asked questions.

Do I have to make an appointment?
We recommend making an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome. However, if you decide to walk-in, you may have to wait.  You may also call for same day appointments.

Do I have to bring our own outfits?
We provide stunning portrait wardrobe for kids, up to a size 10. We have newborn crochets, vintage inspired gowns, clothing, suits, knickers for boy, shoes, hats, accessories and everything you need. You are welcome to bring your own attire if you desire but it’s not necessary.  We also have maternity wraps and caps and gowns.

Do you provide outfits for adults?
We do not provide outfits for adults at this time. But we do have maternity wraps, cap and gowns for graduation, and some accessories.

How long is the session?
Depending on your session, it can vary from 30 minutes to an hour for newborn sessions and large families. Plan to be at the studio at least an hour or more.

How many poses will the studio take?
We take at least 4-6 styled poses, sometimes more if possible.

Can we purchase high resolution files?
We print all your portraits and share files are included (for sharing on facebook, email, or the web). We do not sell high-resolution files unless they are business shots with standard backgrounds. All our images are copyrighted, exclusive and proprietary. Some exceptions may apply.

Do I have to pay extra for retouching?
All artwork and retouch is included in the price.

What’s the best time to bring our newborn?
We can take newborn poses at any time, but if you want sleeping poses, it is best to bring them at 3 weeks or less. We provide knitted crochets shown in our gallery. Bring extra diapers, milk and a pacifier. We will need all of these during the session.  Newborn sessions usually take some time so plan to be at the studio for at least an hour if not more.

What’s the best time to bring my kids?
Please bring your kids when they are well rested and fed. It is not a good idea to take photos around nap time. If possible bring their favorite toy and/or other items that can help make them smile. If you have multiple kids, bring someone else to help if possible.

What’s the best time to come in for maternity photos?
We recommend around 7 to 8.5 months or whenever you are already showing and are comfortable. We have a variety of maternity wraps and retouch portraits to perfection. Please bring a strapless bra. If taking photos with your husband, he should bring a white shirt and or a black shirt.  Check out our maternity gallery and plan his attire accordingly.

Do you have a membership?
Yes, You may purchase a membership for $35 and receive discounts regularly.  The membership entitles you to free sessions for 18 months and an extra sheet per visit.

What should adults wear for family photos?
We recommend wearing matching colors and/or similar styles.  All black, all white and beige are usually nice colors for family portraits. Check out our gallery for kids attire and you could match them if you like.

When do we have to pay?
Full payment or a minimum of 50%  (for orders over $200) is required at the time of your session.

When will I preview the poses?
You preview the same day.

What if I don’t like the photos?
You get to preview the poses before making a purchase. There are no refunds for all processed portraits once you place your order. We may revise and/or reshoot at our discretion.

Are your photographers experienced?
All our photographers have several years of experience. We do not hire amateur photographers. We take pride in our work. We are a very small team and we like to keep it that way.

What is your policy on pet portraits?
We LOVE animals. Bring a leash and/or a small crate for your dog so we can contain them while viewing. Please do not bring animals with aggressive behavior. We will not be able to photograph them.

Please call for additional information.
Glendale Galleria 818-247-1577
Brea Mall 714-257-7495